Month: April 2019

Housing loan – long-term intentional loan

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HOUSING CREDIT – a type of mortgage loan, long-term intentional loan, secured by a mortgage on real estate The legal basis for granting mortgage loans is perpetual usufruct right and ownership. The bank lends the borrower financial means, pledged by the property he owns. When the borrower ceases to pay regular loan repayments, the bank […]

Credit analysis – what it is and what it assesses

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Submitting an application at a bank – for example for a mortgage loan – starts with a long process of valuation of the entire banking transaction. During this process, the bank submits for verification documents that were provided by the applicant – and this is just the beginning. The credit analysis is an important element […]

Mortgage loan 150,000 for 30 years | Check how much your loan installment was paid out

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Mortgage loan 150,000 for a 30 year bank review. Quick estimation of the amount of loan installments for 360 months and a list of banks and financial intermediaries. Mortgage calculator allows you to estimate the amount of loan installments in the case of a mortgage for 150 thousand. PLN 30 for 30 years. In addition, […]