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Essential Qualities of a Top-tier Realtor: What to Look For

A good real estate agent understands the local market, has a fair degree of experience and advises clients on best practices related to buying or selling homes. Most people also expect their realtor to be friendly, understanding of their needs and able to connect them with the right mortgage lender or home inspector. But what other qualities should you look for in a real estate professional?

A great qualities of a good realtor has a strong work ethic. It takes a lot of time and effort to close a transaction, especially when there are many moving parts involved. Mediocre agents often lack this quality and tend to be reactive instead of proactive. Great agents are tenacious and relentless in their pursuit of selling your home or helping you find the perfect property.

This is an important attribute for both buyers and sellers. A knowledgeable and experienced agent will have a solid grasp on the real estate market in your area, including pricing trends, inventory levels, supply and demand. This gives them a competitive edge when advising a buyer on an offer strategy or guiding a seller on the correct listing price.

One of the top reasons home buyers and sellers complain about their agents is a lack of communication skills. You want an agent that is available for questions at a moment’s notice and can quickly respond to your requests by email, text or phone. A good agent will also regularly update you on the progress of your home search or sale without being asked.

An agent with an eye for detail will always strive to present the most polished version of your property for potential buyers. They will make sure all surfaces are free of dust, crumbs and other debris before a showing or photoshoot. They will remove any personal items from photos to avoid offending a potential buyer and help you stage your home to appeal to the widest range of possible buyers.

A great agent will have an established network of professionals they can call on for advice and support. This includes mortgage brokers, title companies, attorneys, vendors, inspectors and other real estate agents. This is a valuable resource for both buyers and sellers, as it can expedite your deal and minimize headaches.

A good agent will be personable, meaning they are empathetic to your needs and goals. They will be able to build a rapport with you and make you feel comfortable sharing even the most sensitive information. You will also want an agent that has a strong personality and can maintain their composure in difficult situations. This is important for both buyers and sellers as emotions can sometimes get the better of them in a stressful negotiation process. Being personable doesn’t necessarily mean that an agent is an extrovert, but that they can easily connect with others and are engaging.

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