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How Auto Transport Can Make Your Move Go Smoothly

Whether you need to move to Anchorage, AK or Seattle, WA, Alaska Auto Transport is a local company with offices in Anchorage and Seattle. Their drivers are experienced in moving any size and make of vehicle. Their offices are also close to the SeaTac Airport. Read on to learn more about Alaska auto transport and how they can make your move go smoothly.

Ports served by Alaska auto transport company

There are several ports in Alaska that offer auto transport services. Anchorage, the state’s largest city, has a variety of terminals for shipping automobiles, including RORO vessels and containers. Car dealerships also frequently use Anchorage as a port for importing their vehicles. These ports are open all year long, except between October and November when ice formations occur. This ice, however, does not interfere with port operations.

Most auto transport companies only handle contiguous shipments, which revolve around the lower 48 states. Whether you are looking to ship your car to Alaska or another location, you should look for a company that can handle the shipping process from start to finish.


The cost of Alaska auto transport varies depending on several factors, including the type of car and where it is being shipped. For example, larger vehicles will cost more than smaller ones to ship to Alaska. This is because larger vehicles will use more gas during the journey. You should get several quotes before deciding on a carrier.

Alaska is home to some of the harshest winters in the United States, so auto transport companies must be familiar with its harsh climate and terrain. Because winter roads are often snow-covered and icy, the shipping process can take longer than normal. In addition, the harsh winter roads can make it difficult for vehicles to be safely transported to and from Anchorage.

Enclosed vs. open-car shipping

Whether you’re moving to Alaska for work or for pleasure, there alaska auto transport anchorage are some things to consider before you send your car for shipping. First of all, you’ll need to decide whether to ship your car on an open carrier or in an enclosed one. Both options are safer than driving your vehicle. Enclosed carriers are ideal for brand-new, exotic, and classic cars. However, they are generally more expensive than open carriers.

If you’re shipping your car from Texas to Alaska, you’ll have two options: enclosed or open-car shipping. Enclosed car haulers are safer and more secure than open-air ones. Open-air carriers are often cheaper than enclosed carriers, but they’re not recommended due to the cold weather in Alaska. Besides that, open-car shipping can be riskier because open trailers expose your vehicle to road debris and weather conditions, which is not ideal for vehicles.

Preparing your vehicle for shipping

If you’re planning to ship your vehicle to Alaska, there are several steps you must take before the shipment. First, you must ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and fully fueled. In addition, you must get all the required paperwork in order. You should also pack all the essential items, including emergency supplies, inside your car. In addition, you should get the car checked and insured.

Shipping a vehicle to Alaska can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You can find auto transport companies who specialize in shipping cars to Alaska, and they are known for timely delivery and fair pricing.

Customer service

If you are considering shipping your car from Anchorage to Seattle, Alaska Auto Transport may be the right choice for you. This company offers various shipping options and has a terminal in Seattle, Washington where you can load and unload your vehicle. This auto transport company also provides service throughout the United States.

When choosing an auto transport company, make sure to look for a licensed motor carrier and an adequate insurance policy. These factors affect the overall price of shipping a vehicle. Make sure to check whether the company is affiliated with the FMCSA, which regulates motor carriers.

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